Training Delivery Director

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The Training Delivery Director is responsible for overseeing all virtual and work-at-home training delivery programs with our organization. The Training Director's responsibilities include identifying training needs based on skills gap analysis, developing group and individual learning courses, and managing the training budget. In addition, this role is client facing and will be charged with guiding our clients through the Transcom training lifecycle. It is expected that the Training  Director can conceptualize and successfully implement curricula for sustained business growth. Provides coaching, motivation, and support to enhance the engagement and success of their team of training specialists in attaining targets and goals.

To be successful in this role, one should have 10+ years of solid experience organizing training and designing the educational curriculum in a virtual environment to develop employees’ skills in order to improve quality of work, productivity, and retention.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Ensure regular communication is in place with internal and external customers. 
  • Work in conjunction with the reporting department to produce reports on training performance internally and externally at agreed frequencies (upon request). 
  • Work closely with external Training Measurement Vendor to ensure that training improvement steps are initiated and that improvements are ongoing. 
  • Serves as the POC for all training related issues and programs for the client/account


  • Develop and implement virtual strategy for Training Delivery.  
  • Identify and assess future and current training needs as aligned with the virtual and work-at-home Operations environment.
  • Deploy a wide variety of training methods, applicable to a virtual environment.
  • Work closely with Quality and Operations to ensure Training needs analysis based on agent opportunities are provided and executed on a quarterly basis.
  • Oversee the Planning of Training with the Workforce Management department to schedule training sessions. 
  • Oversee the development and ensure the correct creation of all training materials for CSRs and Team Leaders. 
  • Oversee collection of information related to product knowledge and development of training modules. Ensure that the Product Supervisor or Master Trainer will be responsible to give the training and follow-up. 
  • Oversee the delivery of training (refreshers, new projects, new products, etc) to all agents, as required, following the standard Transcom development plan and that it is supported by the Product Supervisor. 
  • Set up and implement training follow-ups with Team Leaders and Product Supervisors following the standard Transcom follow-up plans after all training is completed. 
  • Define, plan, and assign all tasks associated with the implementation of all client-specific training programs.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of training resources to meet “training demand” and maintain quality level, through the range and quantity of training. 
  • Continuously review procedures and implement improvements with feedback to Corporate Governance. Smooth transition to quality improvement. 
  • Manage training department and staff by assigning tasks, reviewing materials and presentation skills, and evaluating trainer performance.

Product Knowledge  Management

  • Ensure that knowledge about client products is developed, validated, and distributed to CSRs and Team Leaders according to client requirements and agreed content flow procedures.
  • Master Intranet and deploy it as a standard knowledge management tool for all applicable projects. 
  • Ensure effective knowledge transfer through a comprehensive evaluation process including assessments, classroom observations, and simulated job activities.
  • Implement an ongoing knowledge management improvement cycle by collecting and analyzing document awareness results, CSRs’ feedback about available documentation, initiating surveys, and taking relevant actions for improvement. 
  • Develop clear communications that support the onboarding and training of new hires


  • Ensure escalation process is followed.
  • Ensure that Transcom WorldWide standard procedures are implemented and complied with at all times.
  • Keep and archive a library of product knowledge and soft skills material/modules for virtual training.
  • Keep/archive/update information and Action Plans from external Quality Assessments Vendor.
  • Ensure that all product material, equipment, and logistics are available and updated before training sessions.


  • Be a central and responsible point of contact in the company for virtual training and personal development.
  • Promote an employee-first culture, where all new hires are treated like customers.
  • Ensure that leadership of training is permanently visible and are positively impacting results.
  • Provide reward and recognition for quality and competence, through incentive schemes and other appropriate means.
  • Ensure closed-loop communication to Team Leaders, Product
  • Supervisors, and external resources. Central point of contact for quality and competence for Business Managers, Contact Center Manager, Country management as well as External Quality Measurement Vendor.
  • Support the development of each team and ultimately each agent.
  • Be accountable for quality results from the CSR upwards.
  • Provide feedback to Corporate Governance on ideas for improving standards and processes.
  • Be an advocate of Transcom’s values and norms.
  • Drive a culture that supports successful adult-learning.
  • Monitor training attrition and partner with Human Capital Delivery and Talent Acquisition to determine root cause analysis and develop proactive measures to reduce training attrition.


Job Specifications (Qualifications, Skills, and Experience)

Work Experience: 

  • University degree
  • At least 2 years of directorial experience in the related field is required for this position
  • 10+ years of Training Management experience, with a proven track record within the At Home or Virtual Call Center environments, to include an expertise in implementing virtual curriculums for large audiences
  • Experience evaluating training success and development of continuous improvement plans
  • Demonstrated experience coaching and developing training facilitators and content creation 
  • Experience in handling Virtual accounts and US WAH campaign/s. 
  • Prior experience in a performance-driven environment where communication and leadership skills are the main drivers to reach defined targets 
  • Knowledge of adult learning, assuring the application of effective training principles.
  • Have worked under high and continuous competitive pressure
  • Have worked with numbers and understand basic mathematics needed for reporting, analysis and differentiation purposes around client satisfaction, in order to analyse it and draw the appropriate recommendations to adjust training materials and other related action plans. 
  • Knowledge of adult learning, assuring the application of effective training principles.