Do you love to lead and mentor highly motivated people? 

Do you have experience as a call center team leader? 

Do you have experience working with a team that is fully virtual?


If you answered yes, we have an exciting opportunity for you! 

Transcom is looking for several experienced work-at-home call center team leaders to join our organization. 


You’re the ideal candidate, if you:

  • Have at least six months of experience working in a call center team leader role.
  • Have experience working with a completely distributed, remote team.


What will you do in this role?

This role is all about your team! For starters:

  • You are responsible for managing product knowledge, profitability, quality, and effectiveness of your team.
  • Your daily activities may consist of or focus on, effectively leading and managing a team of CSRs to meet company objectives in all areas of employee and client satisfaction.
  • You must coach and mentor CSRs to ensure all KPIs of the program are successfully met and maintained.

The position requires effective execution for the following key focus areas. Additional responsibilities may be added as the needs of the business change and expand:


  • Promote communication and be open to feedback.
  • Keep motivation high by adapting the leadership style to individual needs.
  • Create an environment conducive to success by promoting and recognizing initiatives.
  • Ensure high employee satisfaction and attendance.
  • Promote teamwork and cooperation amongst team members and colleagues.
  • Lead by example.
  • Take full responsibility and the required action on disciplinary procedures.
  • Ensure that all members of the team meet targets consistently.



  • Understand and meet production targets for different clients/projects.
  • Review and evaluate performance reports.
  • Meet production targets for the team.
  • Set up individual targets for each CSR and skill level.
  • Follow up on production targets for the team, CSR, and skill level.
  • Take full responsibility for team results.
  • Set priorities, within the Transcom standards, in order to maximize own time management.
  • Propose and promote motivational activities.
  • Prepare and conduct appraisals.
  • Utilize the Coach to identify your successes.
  • Schedule Adherence must be reviewed daily to avoid payroll anomalies.
  • Employee absenteeism less than 4% on a monthly basis.
  • Coaching for success 50 side-by-side coaching/monitoring sessions per week and documented in the Coach. This is a minimum objective. 
  • Request open and close of campaign by
    • Monitoring ACD systems to ensure optimal operating efficiency and
    • Administering outbound dialing systems as required (open/close)


  • Have a clear understanding of quality expectations for the different clients and projects.
  • Set up quality goals for the team, CSR, and skill level to meet and exceed Client and Transcom expectations.
  • Be a specialist in quality observation and evaluation.
  • Monitor CSR's ensuring that each CSR receives feedback as well as a balanced quality evaluation.
  • Monitor with Clients as scheduled.
  • Provide continued teaching and coaching in order to reach set goals.



  • Be actively involved in problem solving and propose improvements to processes.
  • Implement and respect Transcom standard practices.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the values of the organization.
  • Drive and foster a performance culture.
  • Make Transcom an enjoyable place to work.
  • Show leadership by developing people



  • Experience in a call center team leader role (required)
  • Experience leading a team in a work-at-home environment (preferred)
  • Maintain an acceptable level of performance including, but not limited to, absence of corrective action and/or resolution of previous corrective action. In all cases, the employee’s work record, including but not limited to: performance, attendance, efforts to develop skills and related behavior will be used as valid criteria for determining suitability for a position.
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency in the English language; written and verbal
  • Have a good understanding of CRM best practices; have ability to set SMART targets
  • Ability to analyze results and make decisions based on facts and figures
  • Ability to calculate profitability
  • Have worked with figures and understand basic mathematics needed for reporting, analysis, and differentiation purposes.
  • Have strong organizational and time management skills
  • Be focused on setting clear objectives and priorities
  • Good understanding of mobile and computer technology
  • Ability to provide a quiet, distraction-free work environment
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends
  • Successful verification of required equipment that meets client minimum requirements (outlined below)
  • Successful completion of criminal background check
  • Must live in one of the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NE,NM, NV, NH, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI


Home Office Requirements

  • Secure, quiet, distraction-free work environment without any conflicting responsibilities during your scheduled work shift.
  • Reliable DSL or Cable Internet 
    • Connection must be hardwired into a modem/router via ethernet
    • (Dial up, Wireless or Satellite internet service cannot be used)
    • Minimum download speed 5 Mbps
    • Minimum upload speed 1 Mbps
    • Ping less than 100 ms
  • Ability to provide a wired USB headset
  • A windows desktop or laptop that meets below minimum requirements:
    • Minimum CPU Clock Speed – 1.5 GHz (1500mhz)
    • Compatible processor (2 cores of higher)
      • Incompatible Intel processors (Celeron & Pentium D)
      • Incompatible AMD processors (Athlon X2 & Sempron)
      • Mobile Processors (denoted as M) are incompatible
    • Minimum Memory – 4GB RAM
    • Storage – Hard drive must have at least 10GB of free space
    • Ports – Minimum 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Webcam (required)


About Transcom

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