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Don Berryman May 28th, 2021

COPC Standards Help Transcom To Consistently Deliver Great CX


One of the most important considerations when designing a customer service strategy is that the experience the customer receives is consistently good. You can’t design processes that depend on the contact center agents being in a good mood or the luck of the draw in getting a ‘good’ agent on your call.


Consistency is all around. When you go to a show on Broadway it might be the first time you have ever seen it, but those actors are delivering the same lines night after night. A key lesson actors learn in drama school is that you need to keep delivering those lines in the same consistent way - just like a professional musician isn’t expected to change how a song sounds each night on tour, unless it’s Bob Dylan!


These principles also apply in customer service processes. Some executives argue that designing the interface between a brand and the customer is more like an art, rather than a science. They argue that the focus should be on culture and how the agent behaves.


Culture is important and it can give pointers and scope to the agent, but you need guidelines if you are going to be able to always repeat the experience. It doesn’t need to be as strict as a railroad, where the agent cannot take any independent decisions, but it does need to be there if you want the customer experience to be repeatable. What we want is not an agent giving a scripted response ‘so it’s the same every time’, rather we want the agent to have the freedom to help the customer in any way, but with certain checks and balances in place to ensure quality.


So you need to take a holistic view of the entire interaction between your brand and the customer - to apply design or systems thinking to see how all your processes can be focused on the needs of your customers.


COPC Inc is known throughout the contact center and business process outsourcing industry as the organization that set the bar high for contact center processes. They started life in the 1990s and now deliver a set of structured processes and measurements that allow contact centers to deliver high performance for quality, efficiency, service and customer a consistently high standard.


One of the ways that Transcom applies system thinking is by maintaining our COPC certification. We strictly follow the COPC guidelines to ensure that all of our contact center teams, including those that work permanently from home, are following an agreed set of principles to ensure high quality customer interactions.


The COPC CX Standard was originally a comprehensive performance management system for call centers but now encompasses all customer experience operations. By working with these standards we can ensure that all CX interactions with customers are measured and delivered consistently.


We allow our culture and agility to permeate every aspect of customer interactions, but the COPC guidelines allow us to design customer service processes that are consistently high quality. It reduces the variables involved in the process and possibility that  something can go wrong.


I’d be delighted to share more information with you about how we use COPC at Transcom and how it ensures we can always offer a consistently great customer experience. Just leave a comment here or get in touch via my profile.

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