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Don Berryman Sep 24th, 2021

Insight from Silicon Valley Execs: Automating CX with AI

AI Improves CX digitally - at scale


AI and automation are linchpins for post-pandemic business success. These powerful technologies, partnered with human counterpart, can actually help businesses become more human and deliver great value to customers. Thinking ahead to 2022, AI can not only improve existing processes but also create novel ways of working. And engage customers digitally – at scale.

Our guest -  Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur Cecilia Flores is COO of and co-founder at Webee, a software-industrial IoT and AI company based in Silicon Valley. In July 2020 she was named the Best US Enterprise SaaS winner of the Female Founders Competition, a major global competition organized by Microsoft's M12, Melinda Gates' Pivotal Venture, and Mayfield Fund. Cecilia is listed in the 2021 Silicon Valley Business Journal's Most Influential Women and a 2021 Tory Burch Foundation's Fellow. 

In the latest T:Time podcast, she discusses how organizations can futureproof their operations through AI and accessing insights and analytics to plan for contingency and safely return to post-pandemic operations and productivity.

Listen here 

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