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Helene Ruda Aug 27th, 2020

Top Three Ways to Improve Your Net Promoter Score through Customer Experience Operations

Net Promoter Score

In today’s competitive business environment, customer experience can make the difference between keeping and losing valuable customers. When customers love their experience, they are likely to remain loyal to a brand. However, when customers feel they are not treated well, they will not only take their business elsewhere, but will also give negative reviews. 

Negative reviews are a business killer, but positive reviews are very hard to come by. That’s why your Net Promoter Score is so important for attracting new customers and retaining current ones. 

What is Net Promoter Score? 

Your Net Promoter Score is a grade based on how many of your customers would recommend your business to others. Ranging from -100 to 100, a neutral score would be zero, while a positive score is preferable. A positive score encourages other customers to do business with your company.

Achieving a Positive Net Promoter Score

Achieving a positive Net Promoter score doesn’t happen by accident. It is achieved through methodical, data-driven initiatives that permeate the DNA of the business. 

Happy customers happen because of happy employees. When employees are motivated to deliver excellent results, they go above and beyond to satisfy their customers and make sure every interaction ends on a positive note. 

Happy employees are employees who feel appreciated through praise, recognition, pay, and benefits. To achieve satisfied customers, it is crucial to value customer-facing employees and show them that their impact to the business is important.

How do employees affect Net Promoter Score?

Recruiting great employees is one of the most important keys to unlock a great Net Promoter Score. A business must recruit from a talent pool that directly aligns with the business’ goals and culture.

A ‘right fit’ employee will possess the skills and experience to effectively provide support and solutions to a client’s customers that aligns to the Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction goals.

An ‘employee-first’ culture will help retain valued talent. Creating that environment for employees makes it easy for them to come to work and deliver their very best every day.

Top Three Ways to Improve Net Promoter Score:

1. Approach Net Promoter Score data as you would any P&L data. 

Because Net Promoter Score helps retain and attract customers, it has a tangible impact on your bottom line. Therefore, it needs to be approached with the same degree of analysis and strategy as any other line item. 

Customer satisfaction is a unique challenge for every brand, with various leading indicators and trigger points. 

While Net Promoter Score is a great way to measure customer satisfaction, it is important to survey customers and gauge their ever-changing needs and preferences. Customer feedback is key in determining best practices for each business, and surveying is key. 

Things to consider when surveying customers:

  • How often do you survey?
  • What questions and how many do you ask?
  • What is the standard measure used when assessing feedback?

2. Recruit and hire the best talent

Recruiting strategy must align with the business’ culture and values. There should be a screening for skills and experience, but also the right fit within the culture of the business. 

The focus of hiring should not only be toward those who can functionally perform the role, but also on additional characteristics needed to support customer experience. It is the difference between that employee at a store who simply points you in the right direction of where you need to go, versus the employee who actually walks you over to where you need to go.

Once an employee is hired, the focus turns toward training. Training must have a clearly defined goal and purpose, ensuring that each employee can perform effectively before they are placed into production. Because customer satisfaction is the goal, training must place equal focus on soft skills such as confidence, critical thinking, and mulit-tasking.

Once employees are trained and onboarded, continuing the positive employee experience is key for achieving positive customer experience. An employee-first internal culture results in a customer-first external culture.

Setting targeted goals and clear expectations have a direct correlation to positive Net Promoter scores. Timely feedback, role playing, and mentorship are key to achieving these goals and keeping customer experience consistent and top notch. 

3. Preserve and Protect Customer Relationships

Soliciting frequent feedback from customers reinforces brand awareness and promotes partnership between your brand and the client. Feedback requests should come with an incentive or reward, which shows that your company values the relationship and the feedback. 

Feedback in every direction is valuable to your business. Requesting feedback from customers and employees ensures that your company grows and evolves as needs change, staying relevant and ahead of your competitors.

Net Promoter Score as Business Intelligence

Your Net Promoter Score is not only a valuable metric, it’s a storytelling tool. Your score tells the story of how you handle your relationship with your employees and clients. At the end of the day, every person who interacts with your company wants to know they are seen and appreciated. Your Net Promoter Score tells you if you are doing that well.

So what are you waiting for? Transcom can help improve your Net Promoter Score today.

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