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Don Berryman Feb 17th, 2021

A VIP Invitation To Our Delivery Center Launch In Colombia



I have recently written about the US nearshoring market and how excited the Transcom team is to see that our new delivery center in Bogotá, Colombia is almost ready to open. In my last article exploring nearshoring options, I mentioned some research published by Ryan Strategic Advisory, so it’s a great pleasure to announce that Peter Ryan himself will be speaking at our virtual event on February 18th at 10am EST.


It’s clear that outsourcing will remain important in 2021. Companies are seeking greater resilience after the business continuity crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. But there is a clear move away from global outsourcing - few executives are keen to be spending 15-20 hours on an airplane right now. For American companies, the nearshore option is back in focus again.


From the various nearshore options, analysts like Peter have been talking about Colombia for the past few years as one of the most attractive options so it will be encouraging to hear him speak as we launch the new center this month.


The government in Colombia has seen that the support of Business Process Outsourcing is an important way to encourage investment into the region and to create local jobs. Our new delivery center is in a central area of Bogotá, where approximately 30% of the local population live so we intend to hire locally and create many new opportunities.


The center is close to the airport making it easy for our partners to visit and oversee processes in person. It’s still difficult to travel internationally, but every day we are seeing more and more vaccines delivered to citizens globally, so within a few months it should be possible to see some business travel again. Nearshore is certainly going to be a lot easier than the alternative.


This is a key advantage of Bogotá. Many companies now want to build greater customer service resilience by moving their processes offshore, or to multiple locations. Bogotá is a 3.5 hour flight from Miami. It’s even possible to visit just for a day - completely impossible with the service centers in the far east of Asia.


Facts and figures about our new Bogotá delivery center:

  • 16 Floors - 173,283 total RSF
  • 1,417 Available Seats
  • 3 floors of commercial outlets in the building, internal terraces, free parking for bicycles and all services included.
  • Surrounded by restaurants, hospitals and shopping centers at 5 minutes walking distance.
  • Public Transportation: Close to public transport stations for easy commuting (5 min walk)
  • Airport: 26 mins away from the site


The virtual unveiling event for the center will be at 10am EST on February 18th. We love to have you attend, please click here to register your attendance. I look forward to seeing you virtually and hopefully in person in Colombia at a future date!

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