Shelli Ryan Oct 18th, 2020 Business & Performance

Have Traditional Banks Lost The Human Touch?

Most customers no longer feel that the bank branch experience is something desirable - in fact waiting in line to be served usually has the opposite effect. But in-person interactions in branches has been the focus for how traditional banks created a bond with their customers. Can they replace this experience?
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Don Berryman Jun 25th, 2020 Business & Performance

3 reasons to outsource your customer service

“Why would I want to outsource my customer service?” is a question we quite often get asked. Of course, there are many different answers, depending on your company’s unique needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three reasons why you might want to outsource your customer service!
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Robyn Tantoy Feb 17th, 2020 Business & Performance

Transcom appointed Career Company 2020

Each year, Career Companies selects 100 employers who, for students and young professionals, are most attractive to pursue a career in Sweden. About 1,000 companies, government agencies, authorities and municipalities are in the sample. When the Career Companies are now presented, Transcom is one of the selected companies in 2020.
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Peter Tetlow Jan 15th, 2020 Business & Performance

Sales + Customer Service = $ Qty

It is important to be there for the customer when they need it most. E-commerce's Achilles heel is right there - when the answer to the question does not exist and there is no one to ask. With the help of customer service, even the most confused customer can complete their purchase.
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