Director of Account Management / Client Solutions

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The Director of Client Services/Account Management is responsible for the general management of all Transcom Worldwide client relationships operating in his/her contact centers. This includes responsibility for all aspects of the business.

The primary objective is to exceed budgeted net profit targets for all CRM business operations within the contact centers.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Ensuring that overall revenue per employee contributions are in line with or exceed TWW goals.
  • Ensuring revenue contribution is measured for every direct individual and direct employee leaders at every level. 
  • Implementing effective performance management procedures at individual and team level to address areas of weakness.
  • Ensuring that efficiencies are accurately measured and reported.
  • Ensuring that the efficiency results are reported and reviewed on a 24-hour basis.
  • Identifying issues at earliest possible stage and escalate forecasted issues immediately with a summary of expected impact and actions taken to address.



  • Taking client needs and commercial contribution into account for organization plans and make sure that client objectives are met through appropriate appointments and organizational design.

Client Relations

  • Initiate regular and proactive contact with clients (including daily reporting, bi-monthly overviews, quarterly business reviews, and phone/email conversations).
  • Effectively transfer information between the client and the contact center.
  • Proactively seek to increase client revenue.
  • Seek to introduce deep dependencies and mutually beneficial client relationships.


  • Preparing meticulously for commercial negotiations in advance and ensure TWW risks and profit objectives are covered.
  • Ensuring that revenue streams cover committed costs wherever possible.
  • Ensuring the profitability is properly calculated prior to agreement and all costs (including capital investments) are accounted for.
  • Developing agreements that incentivize client improvements in return for higher margins.
  • Ensuring all agreements are profitable and take account of “end of contract” exposures.
  • Ensuring that minimum demand forecasting risks are taken by TWW and are manageable with appropriate commercial remedies.


Business Development

  • Develop a strategic alliance with the client’s marketing strategy, knowledge of the client’s culture, legislation requirements, and market trends.
  • Participate in the RFP/RFQ process as support to the Business Development Team.
  • Ensuring all staff act as ambassadors and salesmen/women of the company at all times. 
  • Ensuring excellent and effective pre-sales support.
  • Always meet or exceed commitments made to clients.
  • Ensuring efficient sales activity seeking to obtain TWW benefit whenever possible.
  • Ensuring sales activities are operating in line with TWW policy and make sure that Sales staff are efficient and targeting appropriate prospects.
  • Ensuring that brand identity is accurately represented.


Additional Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Creating an open and energetic culture at every level in the organization. Leading by example and establishing recognition from employees as a supportive, strong, and credible leader.
  • Ensuring that objectives are set for every member of the organization in line with TWW values and business goals.
  • Implementing clear and objective recognition procedures at every level in line with TWW group policy.
  • Implementing personal development plans and effective performance management procedures for all employees.
  • Ensuring site security and appropriate welfare and protection of employees.
  • Ensuring a high level of morale and a sense of loyalty to TWW in each individual.
  • Implementing motivational activities such as team competitions and reward schemes.

Job Specifications (Qualifications, Skills and Experience):

Educational Background:

  • University degree or equivalent higher qualification.

Work Experience:

  • Have a proven and successful track record of effective leadership with Commercial and Operational responsibility in the CRM or a closely related industry
  • Have Client Relations and/or Sales contact experience
  • Have experience with P&L management and associated financial practices

Skills Requirements:

  • Have a good understanding of CRM best practice and markets
  • Have an ambassadorial presence


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