The Facilities Manager supports the company’s goals by facilitating cost effective efforts to keep clean, well maintained, and safe sites that empower employees to better serve customers, while striving for satisfying and mutually beneficial relationships with our internal and external stakeholders.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Leasehold Improvements

  • Assists in coordinating all aspects of site build out and launch process to ensure that all new sites launch smoothly and within the targeted deadlines set for each project. 
  • Maintain office/buildings (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.) in good repair and safe condition and suggest leasehold improvements as appropriate
  • Monitor furniture damage, suggest necessary repairs, and return items for warranty replacement – if applicable
  • Create a building maintenance schedule to track all required contracted preventative maintenance work
  • First level approver for facilities related purchases in North America, while implementing facility cost saving measures for North America, and establishing cost containment /efficiencies where applicable


  • Support & ensure compliance with safety processes & protocols as prepared by GER Risk & BCP team.
  • Maintain a secure office environment for the protection of employees, clients, and property
  • Monitor expectations of all Security Staff subcontracted by Transcom
  • Maintain Security Systems (Doors, software, hardware, alarms, offsite monitoring) in good order
  • Manage Security Access controls/database (access times, access levels, alarms response, adding, deleting cards, creating photo ID overlays, review cameras when incidents are reported)
  • Ensure site compliance to physical security policies/requirements of the company and that of clients/accounts

Health & Safety

  • Ensure adherence to workplace safety rules and regulations (i.e. Occupational Health and Safety Standards implemented by the Canadian/American Department of Labour and Employment, the Building Code of the Canadian/USA and such other regulations implemented by the city or municipal government agencies)
  • First point of contact for governmental ( MOL/OSSA) site inspections
  • Ensure monthly workplace inspections are conducted & documented.
  • Ensure monthly & annual regulatory fire safety equipment & fire systems inspections are conducted & documented
  • Ensure all required emergency measures plans are in place
  • Support & ensure compliance with safety processes & protocols as prepared by Risk & BCP team.
  • Advocate for First Aid / CPR & other required training for Supervisors, & other appropriate staff
  • Serve as Certified co-chair of Health & Safety Committee

Facility Management

  • Implement and ensure compliance with GER Facilities policies & procedures.
  • Ensure smooth and efficient operation by securing Fire and life safety systems
  • Conduct weekly inspection of the facility, maintenance program, and building system and recommend enhancements. 
  • Oversee facilities site staff activities and ensure that individual tasks are delivered timely
  • Ensure that departmental plans are accomplished on a timely manner
  • Oversee & monitor site facility projects
  • Maintain Smooth & Efficient Facility operations
  • Monitor program implementation, design and delivery for site capacity
  • Monitor facility site budget. Recommend approval and oversee facility purchase in site concerned, while implementing facility cost saving measures for site concerned, and establishing cost containment /efficiencies where applicable
  • Ensure compliance with applicable government rules & regulations.

Job Specifications (Qualifications, Skills and Experience):

Educational Background:

  • University degree or equivalent higher qualification

Work Experience:

  • Have Facilities Management or Leasehold Improvements contact experience
  • Have experience with P&L management and associated financial practices

Skills Requirements:

  • Appropriate Health & Safety  training
  • Time management skills 
  • Proactive 
  • Ability to handle a performance driven environment
  • Budgeting & financial knowledge


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