Onsite IT Service Delivery Engineer

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The Onsite IT Engineer is responsible for maintaining the smooth functioning of the IT structure (programs, computers, peripheral devices, communication equipment, local networks, etc.) operating under its charge, guaranteeing and controlling the correct functioning of the systems and providing support to the user of each computer or operating system.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provides administration and maintenance of IT hardware and software in production in conjunction with cluster and central IT Service Delivery team.
  • Provides additional support for all applications and technologies that are site, or country specific in conjunction with the central IT Service Delivery & Development teams.
  • Executes deployment of IT solutions in their region according to specifications and procedures from global IT Service Delivery and IT Architects.
  • Coordinate, together with global IT Service Delivery, to ensure compliance with the Organization's IT standards, policies; ensure the application of hardware and software security standards and procedures in accordance with organizational policy.
  • Collaborates with cluster IT management, central IT Service Delivery, IT Governance in the management of cluster IT infrastructure, such as desktops, printers, servers, software, asset inventory and standard network services.
  • Participates in the operation and maintenance of departmental/cluster production and administrative applications.
  • Apply security policies, participate in the implementation of measures defined for this purpose and monitor compliance therewith.
  • Monitor and assist when necessary to ensure effective co-ordination of first-line and corporate and global IT Service Delivery services to users.
  • Maintain close working relations with representatives of Contractors and Technology partners for new service/equipment quotes, after sales licenses and warranty support.
  • Provide support to users, incident resolution and advice on the correct use of the system.
  • Recover damaged or eliminated files implementing preventive action in turn.
  • Maintain documentation for site/client technical infrastructure.
  • Perform other IT related duties as required.

Job Specifications (Qualifications, Skills and Experience):

Professional qualifications/Specific knowledge:

  • Minimum studies: Diploma or advanced vocational training in Information Technology. University training in Information Technology is an advantage.
  • Specific training and/or work experience in Networks and Communications is an asset. 
  • Experience in administration and maintenance of IT infrastructure, e.g. workstations, laptops, servers, cabling and racking, backup and recovery system management, HW/SW inventory.
  • Experience in HW/SW installation.
  • Good understanding of data network technologies.
  • Good understanding of digital and IP telephony technologies such as SIP
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office applications.
  • Good knowledge of Service Desk-, Incident Management or another problem reporting tool for help desk operations.
  • Good knowledge of MS Windows operating systems and standard services such as, DHCP, DNS ,Active Directory, Group Policy.
  • Strong background / knowledge of SCCM or comparable MDM solutions.
  • Strong TCPIP skills including knowledge of IP Subnets, Vlans, switching and routing.
  • Functional understanding of WAN technologies such as MPLS, Point to Point and VPN is essential.
  • Ability to use a layered and systematic approach to troubleshooting and break complex problems into a step by step process to bring about timely and sound resolution.

Information technology:

  • Office package (Word/Excel/PowerPoint): Intermediate level.
  • Google Apps: Intermediate level.
  • E-mail Communication: Intermediate level.
  • Operating Systems - Intermediate/High level.
  • Networks and Communications: Intermediate  level
  • Periphery devices and components: High level.
  • Databases - Intermediate level.
  • Delivery of performance reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis and report back on employee performance and annual evaluations. 

Core Competences required:

  • Communication - communicating ideas and information on time, effectively and clearly so that the essential message comes across and is fully understood, always promoting an open dialogue. The ability to use a variety of media in a manner that engages the audience. Communicating the direction in which the organization is developing in an appealing way and creating support for achieving Transcom objectives.
  • Focus on Client (external and internal) - demonstrating a commitment to quality services, effectively interpreting the needs of external and internal clients. Involves meeting client needs in an excellent and efficient manner; building productive client relationships; taking responsibility for client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Focus on Quality - setting high demands with respect to the quality of one's own work and that of others; striving continuously for improvements. Vigilantly watches over processes and services to ensure freedom from errors, omissions, or defects. Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility - acting appropriately by expedient adaptation to changing environments, tasks or responsibilities and to different people, regardless of setbacks, disappointments or opposition. Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing changes in the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work processes or requirements.
  • Analytical and Resolutionary Thinking - breaking a problem down into its component parts; describing its source and structure, understanding of time sequences and the cause-effect relationships of actions. Seeking possible causes and gathering relevant data. Providing wider or deeper understanding of situations or problems by applying another frame of reference.
  • Teamwork - building positive working relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of Transcom's objectives. Involves the intention to form part of a team and work with others, as opposed to individualism or rivalry. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

Previous experience:

  • Minimum two years' experience in a similar post, and experience in companies belonging to the Contact Center sector is an advantage.


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